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Контроль температуры в любой отрасли промышленности:

ITW temperature monitoring or temperature testing products come in a wide variety of forms to meet specific application requirements. Some products are designed for specific temperature measurement circumstances while others can be used in many process environments.

Temperature monitoring and confirmation in a sterilization process, for example, can be accomplished with by using one of our specially formulated Tempilink inks when printing tapes or materials for use in the process. Tempilink temperature monitoring inks are formulated for a specific sterilization process and temperature range. Tempilink sterilization inks…accurate, easy and reliable.

Temperature label indicating and temperature monitoring products are designed for applications where a specific temperature or temperature range must be monitored for the safe storage or transport of temperature sensitive products such as medical products or food ingredients. These convenient, self-adhesive temperature indicating labels and temperature monitoring labels are available in single temperature or temperature range configurations for use in a wide variety of temperature monitoring applications.

Tempilstik temperature indicating devices are a quick, convenient and reliable means for monitoring the surface temperature during welding, heat treating or even monitoring the temperature of a bearing housing on a motor. This versatile temperature indicating product is simple to use, just apply to the metallic surface and when the specified temperature is reached the specially formulated Tempilstik temperature indicating material liquefies indicating that the target temperature has been reached. Temperature indication has never been more easy or portable. The Tempilstik temperature indicator fits in your shirt pocket where it’s ready when you need it